Home Care Services Promote Positive Attitudes for our Loved Ones

One of the aspects of aging which can add significant years to an elderly person’s life, and improve the quality of that life, is the attitude about aging that a senior has. In 2002, a study was conducted by Yale and Miami University which clearly demonstrated this principle, with participants living an average of 7.5 years longer when they had a positive attitude about aging.

By contrast, their counterparts who had at least a moderately negative attitude toward the whole process, weren’t nearly as long-lived. If that doesn’t strike you as impressive, consider the fact that in similar studies conducted about the relationship between regular exercise and aging, the longer life expectancy of the regularly exercising group was a mere 3.4 years. Can emotional attitude really be twice as important as physical fitness for a senior person?

Aging can be depressing

Yes, it can. What’s clear from the results described above is that a negative attitude toward aging has an extremely powerful impact on the life expectancy of a senior. This shouldn’t be surprising, given the fact that even the most ordinary aspects of daily life can become significantly more difficult for an elderly person, especially if they’re even slightly disabled mentally or physically. When it becomes hard to get dressed, bathe yourself, and even take meals, it’s not hard to understand how negativity could quickly creep in, and skew someone’s attitude toward the negative end of the spectrum.

How homecare can help create positive attitudes

All that can change though, when friendly and competent home care is provided to assist a senior with daily life. When you have someone nearby to help with all those daily life necessities that might have been difficult to manage on your own, all the complexity and difficulty can just fade away, and they can become simple, manageable tasks once again.

There’s another aspect of home care that is sometimes overlooked, but which can make all the difference for a senior living alone. The companionship provided by a compassionate and caring home caregiver, can chase away the loneliness that often accompanies old age. It’s amazing how much better a senior feels when having a simple conversation with a caregiver, or perhaps taking a walk around the neighborhood, or even watching a television show together.

A home caregiver can help impart a positive attitude about aging with the senior, which can then be taken up and adopted as part of the senior’s own perspective on life. It’s that positive attitude toward aging that can really make an elderly person want to enjoy life every day, and go to bed anxious to see what the next day might bring.

Home care in Chattanooga, TN

If you know a senior who would benefit by a real attitude boost, and whose life would be made much easier and more fulfilling by reputable home care service, contact CareAssist of Chattanooga, for personalized support services that will improve the quality of life for your loved one.

Home Care Assistance Is Vital for Home Safety

As the Baby Boomer generation ages into retirement, elder care has grown into a large healthcare necessity. Consider these statistics:

  • By 2020, 12 million people aged 65 and over will need some form of long-term care.
  • By 2040, seniors will be over one-fifth of the American population.
  • The fastest growing age group in America is seniors aged 85 and older.

Although a large segment of the aged will be in nursing homes (over 20 percent), many will age at home. Most likely, seniors will not live with their adult children but by themselves.

As most elders desire to live independently, there’s also a growing need for home care assistance. Not only can be mobility issues, there can be mental health issues such as dementia and senility.

While the health care needs of seniors can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming, there are a number of benefits of home care. An in-home caregiver can help promote independence as well as keep your older loved one safe. Many of these home care assistance services and benefits are related to preventing falls, but also help to promote safety overall:

  • Fall and Accident Prevention In order to prevent falls, burns, and other sorts of accidents, having in-home care can provide a greater level of home safety for seniors. This could involve exercises, learning how to walk safely in the home, and other activities.
  • Safety from Criminals and Abuse By having senior care at home, this reduces the chance of your loved one becoming the victim of criminals—whether it’s due to a break-in, fraud, or kinds of abuse.
  • HousekeepingAs mobility issues arise, having home care assistance can help keep a home tidy and safe.
  • Medication Safety Home care can help with accidental poisonings and overdosing with medications.
  • Preventing Bathroom Hazards An in-home caregiver can help a senior with using the restroom, including with incontinence issues. Caregivers can also help with bathing and showering, which can become difficult or unsafe due to slippery surfaces in the tub or shower.
  • Assistance with Beginning and Ending the Day Starting the day can be difficult, with activities such as getting out of bed, and making breakfast. Home care assistance can provide structure for daily routines and activities.
  • Help with Wheelchairs Moving in and out of a wheelchair can be difficult. An in-home caregiver can ensure that a senior can safely transfer himself without falling or being hurt.
  • Safety-proofing a Home An in-home caregiver can assist with making a home safe from fires, slips, falls and other kinds of dangers.

Providing care for parents who are older can be a challenge, but it’s not a challenge you have to handle on your own. Home care assistance can help keep your older parent safe and give you the peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after.

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