Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Home Care?

A person who is lonely may become anxious and distressed. When this occurs, a Companion can make a world of difference. There are five “activities of daily living” (ADLs) that people perform to survive and function in daily life. These are feeding, dressing, toileting, hygiene and ambulation. If individuals are not able to perform any one or more of these activities for themselves, other vital activities may be affected as a consequence and therefore assistance is required.

Is CareAssist the same as Home Health?

No. CareAssist provides routine non-medical home care and companionship services for you or your loved one in the home.  Home Health agencies provide skilled medical care, under the supervision of a physician, to meet your specific medical needs.

Who May Qualify for CareAssist services?
The physically and/or mentally disabled * Those recently discharged from the hospital * The elderly * Accident victims * Family caregivers requiring assistance with caring for their loved ones * Able-bodied people requiring assistance with their general home chores and errands.
Who Pays for CareAssist services?
Services are purchased by clients either privately or by third parties who may contribute wholly or partially to the costs. Third party agencies include: * Insurance companies, which include health insurance and long-term care * Medicaid Waiver * Veterans Administration * Workers’ compensation * Local Health ministries
How Do I Begin Service?

Service with CareAssist begins with a free, no obligation assessment and evaluation in your home. We will meet with you and your family to personalize a service plan that will best fit your needs. We then select a Companion/Caregiver or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) that has the personality and skills to provide the best service to you or your loved one. Finally, we coordinate a day to begin and initiate the established service plan.

How quickly can CareAssist provide service?
CareAssist can begin service within 48 hours of the in-home assessment. If immediate care is desired, please contact our office and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.
Will I be on a set schedule?
CareAssist requests a minimum of 4 hours of service on any given day. Services can be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Clients have the choice of which times and days work best for their specific needs.
How is my Caregiver Selected?
CareAssist’s Companions and CNAs are selected for their kindness and reliability. Every CareAssist employee is subject to a thorough interview, criminal background check, drug screen, personal and professional reference checks. All CareAssist employees are insured and bonded.
Do I have the option to change caregivers?
YES. CareAssist strives to maintain excellent customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with a well matched caregiver from the onset of your service plan. However, should you wish to change caregivers, we encourage you to contact our office right away.
What Happens in the Event I Need to Reschedule a Day of Service?
In the event that you need to reschedule CareAssist services, we ask that you give our office a 24 hour notice so that we may accommodate your request.
What if my Caregiver is Unable to be Present for a Scheduled Appointment?
CareAssist recruits and retains exceptional Companions and CNAs. We maintain an extensive database of our employees and their skills. In the event one is unable to be present, CareAssist will provide another caregiver or CNA to meet or exceed your needs and expectations.
How is the Privacy of my Personal Information Maintained?
CareAssist is a HIPAA compliant agency. In the event that any private or protected health information is divulged to Care Assist, your information will never be sold to any third party for any purpose under any circumstance. We operate on a strict “need to know” basis. Only office personnel and caregivers, who are directly involved in your services, will have access to information related to your care. We adhere to all applicable federal and state guidelines related to the privacy of personal and healthcare information.
What if I Have Other Questions?
The best way to have all your questions answered is to contact our office at (423)875-4254 and arrange for a complimentary, no-obligation visit to your home from a CareAssist Team Member. We will gladly meet with you, in the comfort of your home, to review our comprehensive scope of services and answer any questions that you may have. Remember there is no fee for this service and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

We specialize in keeping you independent and comfortable in your very own home.

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