Why Seniors Should Be Socially Active

People tend to become less active as they get older, and not just in the physical sense. Older adults are far more likely to want to stay in than they did when they were younger, and while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend an evening at home watching TV once in a while, it’s easy for an elderly person to become too withdrawn and solitary if they don’t remain socially active. Elder care often focuses more on a person’s physical needs, but it is just as important that a senior citizen.

Elder care often focuses more on a person’s physical needs, but it is just as important that a senior citizen remains socially active if they want to stay healthy. Staying socially active helps keeps a senior citizen’s mind constantly engaged, which prevents the cognitive issues that often arrive later in life. It also gives that person a reliable support system, something that people of all ages need. And yes, being socially active also helps an older adult remain physically active. Even if a senior isn’t the type to join a gym and work out regularly, a social life gives them reasons to go out into the community and be physically active. Their physical activity might not be any more strenuous than a pleasant walk on a sunny afternoon, but that still counts as exercise.

How Seniors Can Stay Socially Active

There are several ways that a senior citizen can remain socially active, many of which can and should be promoted by home care and elder care programs. An older adult who is physically able to do so can find opportunities to volunteer within their community, join social clubs that relate to their hobbies such as a book club or garden club, join a gym, or simply visit with family members. If you have a loved one living in an elder care center, encourage them to interact with other residents or participate in activities within that community. There are always fun programs and activities to be found in a reputable senior care center; you just need to seek them out.

Of course, not all senior citizens will be physically able to go out and interact with their peers, but that doesn’t have to prevent them from interacting with the world. Modern technology has made it possible to connect with people anywhere in the world, and even though things like Facebook and smartphones weren’t around when your parents were younger, they can still use them just like anybody else. Encourage them to create a Facebook profile, talk to their friends and family members online, and otherwise connect with the world. It may not be the same as actually going out to meet people face-to-face, but it will keep them engaged all the same.

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